Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Seek My Face //

I'm getting married in seventeen days. There is a wild and wonderful story full of a thousand details of Daddy Gods faithfulness. Coming soon.

Luke and my relationship is an intimate one. We're very closely knit though we've largely built connection  by communication over video chat. Our whole relationship we have rarely, if ever, SCHEDULED time to talk, it just happens whenever there is time, because we're in love. We don't have to discipline ourselves to seek each other out. There aren't expectations for performance in our interactions. We want to know each other deeply and enjoy each other's presence. Our conversations are always different. Sometimes all we do is sing. Sometimes we don't say anything, we just behold each other. Some calls are literally 30sec long, some are 5hrs long. It's all enough. It's all good. 

And it's a picture of Christ and His church. We're missing the natural posture of readiness to be with our Lover at any moment, because we delight in Him and He desires us, if we only meet with Him for a scheduled "quiet time". He's fixed on us -- always. He is pursuing deeper intimacy, steady love, whole connection, vulnerable knowing of each other, everyday, in familiar and in new ways. Because we really are in love with Him we will gladly receive 30sec of turning our eyes on Him just to hear Him shout "I LOVE YOU!". We will seek His face early in the morning because our heart longs for Him and it's the first face we want to see when we wake up. We will burn midnight oil extravagantly and gladly on Him because we lose track of time and don't even feel tired when we're just enjoying His presence. "This Love is an everyday kind of love."