Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Change the World for One. {Hope}

"Thanks to the generosity of so many who donate to Show Hope, we were able to provide the medical care needed so Isaac would not only survive, but thrive in a loving atmosphere at our special care center, Maria’s Big House of Hope. But a pressing need remained.
What was Isaac's deep need? A forever family! With the help of a Show Hope grant, the Wright family was able to move forward to adopt Isaac! The Wrights shared, “We are endlessly thankful for Show Hope and the donors who saved our son’s life and provided the funds needed to bring him home.”
What a miraculous story! But right now a child just like Isaac is waiting, longing for a forever family. Unfortunately we aren’t able to help because Show Hope doesn’t have the resources to meet the need.

How you can help:
1. Give your year-end gift today! Help us give lasting love to an orphan like Isaac!
2. Give a gift from the Show Hope gift catalog! (Gift idea: help give an orphan from the U.S. a forever family.)"

"Orphans don't need stuff... orphans need families! Your donation will help to give lasting love and life-giving care to an orphan in distress."

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Travel Dreams

I've been hoping to get to go to visit Kelsey while she is in France with GEM.
I was trying not to think about the fact that it was a little unrealistic for me to actually be able to afford to go.
Day-dreaming about Europe is lovely though.

But this is not a post about day-dreaming.
This is a celebration!
I got the biggest treat for Christmas:
air miles.
I'm going to France.
I think I need to say that a few more times because its so unbelievably surreal...
I'm going to France.
Kels, I'm actually coming to France!!
My Jesus provided the rest I needed for the trip.
He's so sweet. He doesn't need to be, but He is.
He treats me like a princess on His birthday! 
My folks + my Jesus = an undeserved but oh, so appreciated, holiday to France!
Eee! :)))

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Year Ago Today...

A year ago today I was terrified to navigate an airport, go through security and fly on a plane by myself. I felt I would be far too vulnerable without anyone I knew to protect me from strangers. Then my folks bought me a plane ticket to get me home from Windsor, CO for Christmas...

So I said good-bye to dear ones...

...and I flew home.

And I was just fine!

So in February...

...I flew back to Colorado...

...by myself...

...to spend three days with some dear people.

And in March...

I flew by myself to go see dear Millie!

I spent two weeks with her and her family.

And we got to see Dave and Megan!

In May I bought my first car. His name is Claxton.

Lane and I drove Claxton to Nebraska...

...to spend a weekend with these dear people.

In June I drove up to my old home-town...

...by myself...

...for a weekend visit with my childhood bestie! 
(and we failed to take a single picture together)

(first road trip by myself. success!)

In July these two showed up :)

And we took some engagement pictures.

We had fun :)

A few days after they left I went to welcome my precious "niece" into the world!

Then in August...

...Lane and I drove Claxton to Colorado...

...for a very special wedding!

We visited some special places...

 ...made some new friends...

...and caught up with a bunch of "old" friends :)

As summer came to a close my family and I went up north again so I got to see my childhood bestie (and her man) twice in one year!

The day after my birthday...

...I caught a ride to Tennessee with the new Mr and Mrs Jonas...

...and while I was there Kels and I got to see dear Melissa! 
(I hadn't seen her since graduation from the summer '10 semester at Ellerslie... far too long!)

We also got to meet these precious kiddos!

And a picture of our visit even made it on the His Little Feet blog. :)

A few days later, James came home from Africa and I flew home (yes, by myself) to Wisco again. And guess what... I was just fine! In fact I've become quite at home in airports and have become a bit of an expert at traveling solo, I think. :)
In 2012 I will (hopefully) fly internationally, by myself, for the very first time. And a year ago today, I would not have believed you if you had told me that.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Room Re-Do

The inspiration board I created for my room re-do. 
Inspiration was found via Pinterest.

Come on in! Isn't a reading nook inviting? :)

My shelf of inspiration and perspective...

"Clothesline" photo display

Green, blue and neutrals. They weren't hard to come by, I had a lot of items in those colors already, I just had to weed out the items with other colors. I left in a few pops of pink. :)

Its cozy and delightful in my newly painted and re-organized room. I love it!

Cost: next-to-nothing -- all I bought was paint and two $8 bins from Target which I "slipcovered" with fabric (pictured at foot of bed).

[Additional Photos]

Buy one of my Africa Paintings to help me GO!

Sponsorship :)

Inspiration :)

Basket full of books :)

Currently reading:
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Marriage to a Difficult Man: the uncommon union of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards
The Cost of Discipleship
The Chronicles of Narnia (I never get tired of them!)

More books :)

I paint occasionally, travel as often as I can and collect buttons and ribbon :)

My "slipcovered" laundry bins


Old suitcases, lovely and practical for storage (or for raising my full-length mirror to the proper height!) 

Little treasures

Blue necklaces made by widows in Africa

My TOMS :)