Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Year Ago Today...

A year ago today I was terrified to navigate an airport, go through security and fly on a plane by myself. I felt I would be far too vulnerable without anyone I knew to protect me from strangers. Then my folks bought me a plane ticket to get me home from Windsor, CO for Christmas...

So I said good-bye to dear ones...

...and I flew home.

And I was just fine!

So in February...

...I flew back to Colorado... myself... spend three days with some dear people.

And in March...

I flew by myself to go see dear Millie!

I spent two weeks with her and her family.

And we got to see Dave and Megan!

In May I bought my first car. His name is Claxton.

Lane and I drove Claxton to Nebraska... spend a weekend with these dear people.

In June I drove up to my old home-town... myself...

...for a weekend visit with my childhood bestie! 
(and we failed to take a single picture together)

(first road trip by myself. success!)

In July these two showed up :)

And we took some engagement pictures.

We had fun :)

A few days after they left I went to welcome my precious "niece" into the world!

Then in August...

...Lane and I drove Claxton to Colorado...

...for a very special wedding!

We visited some special places...

 ...made some new friends...

...and caught up with a bunch of "old" friends :)

As summer came to a close my family and I went up north again so I got to see my childhood bestie (and her man) twice in one year!

The day after my birthday...

...I caught a ride to Tennessee with the new Mr and Mrs Jonas...

...and while I was there Kels and I got to see dear Melissa! 
(I hadn't seen her since graduation from the summer '10 semester at Ellerslie... far too long!)

We also got to meet these precious kiddos!

And a picture of our visit even made it on the His Little Feet blog. :)

A few days later, James came home from Africa and I flew home (yes, by myself) to Wisco again. And guess what... I was just fine! In fact I've become quite at home in airports and have become a bit of an expert at traveling solo, I think. :)
In 2012 I will (hopefully) fly internationally, by myself, for the very first time. And a year ago today, I would not have believed you if you had told me that.

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  1. this was a fun read :)) i like it!