Monday, May 9, 2011

Travels: Nebraska - HLF

 "His Little Feet’s Children’s Choir travels the United States, being the voice for orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide. The purpose of the tour is to bring the awareness to the millions of children around the world in need of care, as well as facilitate opportunities for Americans to respond to the needs of children through giving, sponsoring, going and adopting."
Christa Hahn

Mike and Christa Hahn are the directors and founders of His Little Feet. They're friends with the Ludy's and I had the joy and privilege of interacting with them during the course of my days in Colorado. The two of them are so wonderful and I have a great respect and affection for them as my fellow co-heirs with Christ.

The children arrive from Haiti

Originally the first children's choir from Haiti was scheduled to arrive during the summer semester at Ellerslie and so my entire class eagerly anticipated meeting the precious children. By the divine orchestration and perfect timing of the Lord's hand the children didnt arrive in the States until the middle of the fall semester. Their getting to come to the States is miraculous and we rejoice in the Lord for bringing them here for His purposes.

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The current His Little Feet staff interns are a handful of my dearest friends in the world: Brooke, Carrie, Rachel, Aaron and James (my Big Brother). Since they are so dear to me it is hard to not see them very often but since they have been on tour I've been able to visit them twice. Most recently I went to Nebraska with my little brother and spent two blissful days with the HLF crew (all except for Carrie who was visiting her family at the time). We ran errands, ate, talked, went on walks, and just enjoyed sweet fellowship. I felt so at home in the midst of all the precious lives that make up HLF and it was very hard to leave them. I love the people (staff and kiddos!) and love the ministry. As much as I would have loved to have just hopped on the bus and finished out the tour with them, I am back home recalling our memorable times together and getting the wonderful privilege of carrying them to my Jesus in prayer as they make the last few stops on this tour.

Aaron, Rachel, Chelsea, Brooke, James

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