Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Year Ago Today...

Exactly 365 days ago I received this packet after checking in officially (though I'd been on campus already for a few days). I could not wait to meet my roommate!

 I met these three lovely ladies at the SetApartGirl conference a few days before Ellerslie began.

Oh my darling roomie, Erin! Shes the sweetest, cutest girl from Arkansas I know (but I don't know many and her having been my roommate makes me a little biased)! I loved her from the get-go.

My Big Brothers
LeRoy & James
I met the Wisco-boys as I was headed into the Lakehouse after having my photo taken by the wonderful Annie Wesche. They were on their way over to get their pictures taken and recognized me as the girl from Wisconsin. The rest is history.

Erin and I passed the two gentleman above rescuing a bunny by shaking it out of a gutter tube. That was my introduction to Nathan and Josh. Its so funny to look back on!

Me, Bronwyn, Katy, Thaysse, LeRoy, John, Mel (not pictured)

That evening we had the banquet. That was an incredible night. Its so strange to think that I didn't know anything about the people at my table until that night. Now they're all so dear to me!

And exactly one year later...
Liz is still in Colorado I believe. I miss hearing her laugh. I love her hunger for the Word.
Maranda is at home in California starting up a bible study for young women called BLOSSOM. I am so excited for her.
Brooke is at Danita's spending time with the His Little Feet team to wrap up the first tour. So bittersweet.
The day the children arrived

Bronwyn is home in Canada and though I haven't heard from her personally in awhile I trust she is as busy as ever pouring out for those around her in need of her Jesus. She is one in a million.
Katy is home in Texas. She was one room over from me at Ellerslie and has a great laugh that I hope to hear again one day. She is such a dear girl!
Thaysse is currently on break at home in Florida but day-to-day she is part of the Ellerslie staff, always lending a helping hand and (from what I understand) spending her free-time before the Lord in prayer.
LeRoy & Erin were married shortly after Ellerslie and are now expecting a little girl. They're here in Wisconsin and I have had the joy of seeing them a handful of times. LeRoy just started a church.
John was around Colorado working on a farm for awhile last fall and stopped over to campus a couple times. It was so great to see him each time.
James is also in Haiti saying goodbye to the kiddos with the rest of the HLF team. He and my dear Kelsey hope to be married in the near future. I can hardly wait!

Nathan has hopped all over the place this year. He's one of my dearest brothers. So proud to know that "little punk" from Florida!
Josh is working at Ellerslie. He recently directed and produced "The Gospel". I'm starting to sound like a broken-record but honestly, I miss hearing him laugh really hard. Its great when he really gets cracked up!

Mel is a dedicated and passionate team member of ARME. She has traveled all over the world this year and is fighting in prayer for revival to sweep the globe. Having her across the hall at Ellerslie was SUCH a blessing and an honor.

That's just a handful of the many precious brothers and sisters I've gained this past year. The previous 365 days have been such a blessing and it only continues to get richer and sweeter. Today as I remember I am just SO thankful.
To the first 50 students ever to be part of Ellerslie: I love you all so dearly. You truly are my family and knowing you has blessed me more than you may ever know. Further in and further up!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this....my heart's desire is to go to Ellerslie this next year (if the Lord so wills) and it was so neat hearing about some of the people you met there. :)
    Many Blessings!

  2. I love your post on our one year since Ellerslie! :-D
    Wow, I just have to comment on this one because I didn't know Leroy started a church!! That's big news! haha! How exciting!
    By the way, I've talked to Elizabeth lately and she is no longer in the Ellerslie advanced program. She lives off campus and she's not sure how much longer she's going to be staying in CO.
    That's so wonderful about Maranda. I haven't talked to her in a quite awhile.
    It amazes me about all the changes that have taken place in everyone's lives since Ellerslie! :)