Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear James & Kelsey, 
I've jumped up and down, I've burst into giddy laughter, I've cried the most delighted tears. Words fail me. I am so happy for you! See, that doesn't come anywhere close to describing my joy.

James, Big Brother-- you've brought me such joy, encouraged me in the Lord, protected me by taking blows for me even when I didn't know, you've served me and taken thought for my needs-- you're such a servant! Your adoration of, hunger for, and submission to our Jesus has blessed me, inspired me, and humbled me. Your obedience to Christ, your heart for the least, your love for those around you (your ability to make a "best friend" anywhere you go), and -- of course -- the way you have guarded and treasured Kels has been an example to me of a real man. Your entire Mills family is so blessed by you (We miss you!). I look up to you, I respect you, I love you!

Kelsey Lynn, my dear kindred spirit-- you have spurred me on, lifted me up in prayer, fought beside me, basked in the warmth of the Lord's smile with me, laughed your guts out with me. We've cried in anguish for the lost, cleaned other peoples homes, taken long walks, gone on drives, sung loud, goofed off, prayed, dreamed about the future, shared excitement and troubles, read together on the grass in the sunshine, and so much more (and by the way, I miss "doing life together" on a regular basis -- those are some of the sweetest times I've ever had). Your passion, confidence, humility, joy, love for the Beloved and for the lost, steadfast faith, femininity, sweetness, and genuineness are just a few things that I treasure. My friend, my sister, my comrade in the way-- I am so thankful for you, I have such respect for you, I love you -- so dearly. (P.S. You're amazing for taking kindly to the brother-sister bond between your man and I!)

You two have walked through some trying and refining seasons and now the day has come: you're lives are merging together from here on out and the day of your marriage will be one of great rejoicing!! I cannot wait!!

It is my honor to know you and to have witnessed the development of your relationship. I am eager to see what the Lord has in store for you; expectant for how He intends to pour out your lives for His kingdom and glory. I hope I will get the pleasure of walking beside you both in days to come, but regardless of whether we ever get to "do life together" again or not I will be cheering you on in prayer and will love you so much -- no matter what distance is between us geographically. :) :)

Congratulations on your engagement!

Chelsea/Chelsea Anne/Chels/Sis/Little Sister


  1. Dearest Chelsea,
    Oh how you bless us sweet sister :)
    We are so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with such encouragement, prayer, love, support, and friendship through your precious life. You have been there for the ups and downs, been there to laugh and to cry, and through it all the love of Jesus through you has been unfailing.

    We are so excited for all God has in store for you and for what all our lives will hold. What's certain is that we will forever love and treasure you dear Chelsea.

    We can't wait to see you in a few weeks:):):):)

    Kelsey Lynn, kelsey, kels, james Owen, James, big brother, a very grateful husband to be ;)

  2. Wow, this is beautiful, Chelsea. Praise His name! :-) It is so incredible to see the evidences of God's grace in their lives through your words (for those of us who haven't been there to witness their love story, hehe!). What an exciting season for them!! :-D
    In His grace,

  3. YAYYYYY!!!! I am so happy that they're getting married! I'll see you then, Chelsea!!!


  4. Beautiful! Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing Chelsea!