Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Year Ago Today...

June 16th
the day I reckoned myself dead to sin and alive in Christ

My declaration was, 
"I am unworthy of my high calling, but He is worthy of the reward of His suffering. 
I don't so much want to live for Him as I want Him to live through me." 

That is still my declaration today.

Happy Anniversary of Baptism, 
Brooke, Thaysse, Mike & Courtney, Chelsea, Teresa, Hannah, Maranda, Kala, Elisa, Liz, Kourtney, Samantha, Alyssa, Nathan, Bri, Kelsey, Aaron, Josh, LeRoy & Erin, Madison, Ben, James, Dave & Megan, Camille, Mel, Tessa, Amy, Gavin and Nik!

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