the Girl

 Hey friends! My name is Chelsea Osicka.
Seated in Heavenly places, I'm a brown-eyed, barefoot creative. 
Child of God, one flesh with Luke, momma hearted, sent to the nations.

I fell in love with Luke while he was overseas at the beginning of 2016. We had encountered each other a few times since being introduced in September the year before. He pursued me with boldness, grace, and sincerity. For no good reason, I had hardly given him a chance. When he left for Greece I was compelled to support him in prayer. After two months of celebrating Jesus together via text and video chat we fell in love and decided to get married. On Good Friday, in a park in downtown Milwaukee, surrounded by the public, we became husband and wife. Two months later we sold our furniture, gave away many belongings, packed our car and moved away from Milwaukee. During the transition a new member of the family joined our journey. Nine months later we welcomed Naomi Caitlin into our arms.

Luke and I are missionaries, like everyone else who is born of the Spirit. We seek the welfare of every city we go to and we love the person in front of us wherever we are. We are also authors and musicians. Our first album was released on June 23rd on Bandcamp (you can find the album in the sidebar of the blog!) under the band name Mid Air and we are playing live shows in Minnesota and Wisconsin. While we are all about getting the Body activated in meeting each other's needs (if youre inclined to support us you can email us!) we also believe in "tent-making" or earning a wages. We are entrepreneurs -- music and design work are the main outlets. You can subscribe to our newsletter, Sons Awake, to receive regular updates on our life, including encouraging testimonies from every day happenings.

God is awake to His children and, living from heaven's reality, even the dark places are as light to us. Luke and I are always growing in unity. We're glad to have this encounter with you, friend. May you always walk away encouraged and compelled by Love.

LUKE + CHELSEA / wedding from Chitwood Media on Vimeo.