Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Far from being in-depth, my research is only scratching the surface of the injustices in the countries (including the U.S.) I am studying in my blog series, Project Awareness. Anyone could do the research I have done, but I will share what I find as well as the portions of the Father's burden that He shares with me in the hope that, as rough and only-ankle-deep as this series may be, you might grow in your personal awareness and realize that we as the Body are responsible to BE the Body.

In this blog you will find two categories of posts:

"The girl after His heart"
which will serve to spread awareness, move you to action, and link you to ministries

"The heart of the girl"
which will contain bits and pieces of the lessons that the Lord is teaching me 
in the form of stories, devotionals, and testimonies

I truly love my Lord, the Body, and the vulnerable children around the world -- and I desire to with even greater sincerity and even richer love, His love. May this be a place where you will find: the Gospel, a growl for the King to receive His due glory, absolute truth in the humblest of love, and a sweeter taste of the Lord's presence than you have previously experienced. By my own efforts I will fail to meet these standards, but I pray the Spirit will guard my mouth and give me the grace needed to do everything, even blog, for the glory of God!

His and yours,
Ms. Mills


  1. Oh, yay! This IS exciting! Love you.

  2. Oh I love your new blog! It is so cute!!
    Are all the pics on the side yours? cause I love them!