Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Looking to buy my paintings? Click the tab above titled "Paintings". Thank you!!
My blog glitched when I was editing the layout and now all the things that ought to appear to the right, in the sidebar, appear at the bottom of all the posts. Hopefully it can get fixed before too long! **Update** It seems that, for some unidentifiable reason, the sidebar is only found below when on the home page, if you go to any other page of my blog it is in its rightful place. Mischievous little fellow! **If you are searching for the "follow" button, the PayPal to order my paintings, the list of all previously published posts, the blog roll of my friends overseas, or the link to my previous blog... they are all in the content of the sidebar which is still stubbornly staying at the very bottom of this page. To access it without having to scroll all the way down simply go to any of the other pages of my blog by clicking the tabs above. Sorry for the inconvenience!**

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