Monday, January 16, 2012

Life is Beautiful

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  1. Hello Chelsea! :)

    Well, I have been reading your words for a few months now. I first found your blog sharing about your journey to Ellerslie over the summer of 2011 when I was sharing my own journey to Ellerslie on my blog. I was there for the fall class of 2011. I have been wanting to comment for quite some time, but had so much I wanted to say and now I've forgotten much that I wanted to. So, I figure I will start by introducing myself. My name is Hannah Rose and I want you to know I've already been so blessed by your blogs. I feel a connection with you already, both in getting to know you through your beautiful writing, as well as being a fellow Ellerslie graduate. What a special place Ellerslie is. I am really praying about going back there in April for EALT. I was going to go back this month, but found out I have mono. Trusting the Lord knows what He's doing and that He will bring beauty out of this!

    Anyways, this video gives me chills! So beautiful! I would love to share my testimony with you. You can find it on my blog here:

    You can also read about my journey to Ellerslie and how the Lord supernaturally provided the finances for me to go here:

    I am really excited for the movie, October Baby, to come out. It's coming out a week after my daughter, Lily Katherine's, second birthday. You can also read on my blog about my roommate at Ellerslie, Bonnie, who is an abortion survivor!:

    It was amazing to see how God put us together in the same room. I wrote about Bonnie for "God Stories" in the Ellerslie Post. :)

    Well, I have much more I want to say, but I will leave it for another day soon. Just thought I'd start off with introductions.

    Blessings in Christ, your Ellerslie sister,
    Hannah Rose