Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Favorites!

WATERCOLORS BY ALAIN // jennifer verme's son ~

This kid inspires me. (read his story) And his art is stinking gorgeous! Each 9x12 print is selling for $25 and there is a limited supply so hurry and grab yours!

JOHARI CREATIONS // lindsy wallace ~

My gal Lindsy and her friend Erika just launched this incredible market for fair trade items. Again, stinking gorgeous! You need to go look just for the pure beauty of the website. Oh, and there are several great giveaways for Johari products going on in the blogging community right now so you might want to get in on that too. MercyInk giveaway // Lauren Casper giveaway // A Harvest of Blessing giveaway


Already such a fan of the scarves and, um hello, the cinched or twisted head turbans! But the latest additions to the online shop for littles? They melt me. So cute!!

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