Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Of needing people // week 2

I lack words but I want to keep welcoming you into this #newjerseyadventure. Loneliness makes the effort of words seem frivolous and useless but while I can't actually stop by for a cuppa I know you're still wanting to hear what I would share if I could. 
Last week was about establishing routine + accomplishing things for work outside of work (finger-printing and CPR class) which were both big adventures in my mind but neither as intimidating as I anticipated and far more enjoyable than I expected. I didn't really go out. I went to my appointments, I went to work and I went home. It was nice to develop a routine of cooking and working out and reading but I was really aching for community. You see, life can feel established and settled. I can no my way around and have a life that I operate in here, but it isn't much of a "life" without community.

I could write pages and pages, because I'm a story-teller and there is so much story to be found in the development of relationships, on my weekend visit to BBC but suffice it to say that I had a wonderful time. I didn't realize just how bravely lonely I have been the past three weeks until I soaked up Zachary's company and having a place in a community of people again. I told him after that it was like taking deep breaths after three weeks of taking shallow ones. I've missed having friends. We did a lot in just two days. He spoils me! Just doing life is the best though. Walking around, eating pizza, singing along with the radio, watching football (yes, it was embarrassing to be a Broncs fan on Sunday night).

>> sitting quietly and reading while he studied Hebrew was one of my favorite moments of the weekend <<

// discoveries from this week //
a neat little graveyard in Ewing - the flower selection at Trader Joe's - the back roads of Bucks County, PA - the insane toll charges of the NJ/PA turnpike (not taking that road to BBC anymore!) - Northern Lights in Scranton - a pretty little lake in Clarks Summit - the maze of stairways and halls on the BBC campus - all sorts of people who already knew about me and were excited to meet me - new friends who are looking forward to my next visit - how the Lord continues to go ahead and prepare the way before me with unexpected sweet blessings

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