Saturday, February 21, 2015

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"Fix" #4 appeared on my doorstep right before the weekend. It put a skip back into my step. Made it feel like delightful things were around any corner even as winter continued to persist and bills started arriving in the mail.

Market & Spruce // Sam Hi-Lo short sleeve tee
size M
Never have I ever tried on a top of this style, though I have seen them on several of you in recent months and have liked them. The jersey-knit fabric of this piece turned me off in the end but had it been a silk or linen piece I would probably have swooned.

Honey Punch // Layla striped elbow-patch detail cardigan
size M
I was just saying the other day that I wished I had another sweater-like layer that was super cozy but more spiffy than a sweatshirt. How did they know? As simple as the layer is, the pattern is arresting, the soft-knit is luxurious, and the elbow-patches won my heart instantly. I couldnt help myself.

Octavia // Delta lightweight geo-print infinity scarf
So silky-soft and the print was super boho which is fun. I felt like the colors fought with my skin tone just enough that I wouldnt want to wear them that near my face so had to pass on this piece.

Honey Punch // Stinson tab-sleeve top
size M
Ive had a few pieces be slightly too small on me in past fixes but this one was a surprise, it was too big. I know the style is intended to be a bit baggy but not as bag-like as it felt on. The colors were very muted but combined with these heels the red popped a bit better. The style of the piece is very like me. A size smaller it would have been more tempting.

Just Black // Connely skinny jean
size 8
These stunning skinnies had status all on their own! There was a lot of stretch in them which was the only way I was able to button them at the waist -- I have wider hips than these were made for. The length was ideal. I could tell they were just too snug to be practical. This was confirmed when I took them off and I realized the blood circulation had been hindered to my legs in them. Haha!

Shout out to my chic Target wedges that, I feel, really made each of these outfits. I love that part of Stitch Fix, getting to try on the pieces with the rest of your wardrobe in the comfort of your own home. So convenient, so fun. It hasn't gotten old to get a package of delightful surprises picked out just for me in the mail -- even though Ive had to switch the frequency to every-other month with my current budget. If you still havent taken the plunge and scheduled your first "Fix", you may as well go poke around the website a bit, right?

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