Thursday, March 12, 2015

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Its no surprise then that I jumped at the opportunity to partner up with SoapBox Soaps for this sponsorship, and I'll share more about their products in the weeks to come, but lets start with my two favorite things about the brand: A) a natural brand of soaps + B) a good cause to benefit from their sales.

Ive been a natural gal for most of my life because of an unidentified allergy/sensitivity to artificial scents as well as chemicals. Both of these things are found in most health care items, just about anything we put on our skin, and our skin would be a lot happier if that wasnt the case. Im also a firm believer that we get to support the building up or the tearing down of people by our purchases. Everything we buy is made somewhere, by someone, and the profits are benefiting someone, somewhere. We all have a say in who we are investing in every time we pay for something. My mission is to run a simple home, with only what is needed. Consequently I'll be investing my money intentionally and its my goal to do so with products that give back to people, build up people that society has torn down, and products that I can be confidant are helpful and healthful for my body, inside or out, not harmful.

I recently received my shipment of a body wash, a liquid hand soap, and a bar soap in the mail. I love mail. Especially packages. Seriously, as much as I love the experience of being in a shop and the atmosphere of a well-curated space of products, I am so much more delighted by online shopping because the anticipation of getting a package of good goodies is unbeatable.

As you can see each product supports a different cause through a couple of SoapBox Soaps' partners. I like that. They dream big! And, hey, I sure dont want you to feel like you dont get to jump in on these goodies. Here is a coupon code for 10% off your total order from SoapBox Soaps: SOAPEQUALSHOPE

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