Monday, November 23, 2015

Love, Me | 2.

Baby girl, I'm not regretting My choice of you, nor the length I went to to recover you. I didnt get into this relationship with you to test the waters out before deciding whether to commit or not. I'm not  looking for a polite way out. Youre not too needy for Me, never too clingy. I see you at your worst and still choose you, because you were at your worst when I chose you first. You cant scare Me away with a lack-luster passion or with a fury of tidal waves of affection. I'm not insecure. I dont need you to say you love Me back for Me to continue loving you. I don't get tired of wooing. I will never be unfaithful, never break My covenant with you. You dont disappoint Me. I'm not caught off guard or surprised by anything you do. Its not bad timing, its not "not meant to be", I will never break things off with us. You're not too complicated. I'm not unsure. I don't punish you with the silent treatment, or hope to "make you pay" when you wrong Me. I don't manipulate, don't try to control you. I never roll My back to you, saying "goodnight" in anger. There isnt unresolved conflict between us. I'm not unaffectionate or distant or awkward around you. Its not a labor for Me to get past your past -- I take delight in showing mercy and in forgiving.

I cant keep Myself away from you. My heart beats fast for you and My arms are most satisfied when wrapped around you, pulling you in close. I cant help Myself from talking about you to everyone I meets -- bragging on you, My love.

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