Monday, August 22, 2011

Jim and Norma

This past weekend my family took a trip up North to visit my grandparents. I had the privilege of talking with a couple that are good friends of my family (Norma was my Grandma's maid of honor in her wedding) but whom I have not seen since I was a very little girl. They lived and served in Ecuador for many, many years and have recently returned to the States. Jim and Norma are sweet, precious, wonderful people. I got to talk with them about Ecuador and about Project Awareness. It was a lovely talk. My Dad went to "visit" them on a mission trip when he was 17 (quite a few years ago) and we have heard him tell his Ecuador stories countless times -- they're some of our favorites. Jim and Norma will go back occasionally to visit and, if it is the Lord's will, Dad and I (and mom and my siblings, if they're interested) will get to go along. What an amazing experience that would be!

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