Sunday, October 30, 2011

Letter to my littles

I keep dreaming of little girls abandoned, afraid, alone. I keep dreaming that as soon as I see them they're forever imprinted on my heart and my love is theirs to keep. As soon as I see them I am leaning over to scoop them up. As soon as I see them, they're not alone anymore.
The Father loves these little ones, each individual one! Even now He knows the ones He will place in my path, put in my arms, and until the day that He does my heart is aching for them.

Little Ones,
Your Father is coming for you. He will not leave you as orphans. I pray that He brings loving arms into your life to hold you close until the day that I can bring you home. My little dears, may hope flood your broken hearts, peace overtake your bewildered thoughts, and may you know that your Momma cannot wait to scoop you up in her arms and tell you about Jesus -- the One who really rescued you.
With more love than I can express through words,
Your waiting Momma

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