Friday, October 7, 2011

Where I am...

My Jesus came from Heaven, from His throne, from Diety all the way down to a fallen world, to a smelly stable, to a weak and mortal body, but He didn't stop there. 
He went all the way to the Via Dolorosa (way of suffering), to Golgotha, to the cross, to the grave, and back up to life. 
It was the only way that I could be atoned, which was necessary for me to be able to be in His presence again -- and He so desires to be one with me as He and the Father are one. 
Now, I am His and He is mine... I have found Him whom my soul loveth, I held Him and would not let Him go. 
Every day He calls to me to come away with Him, calls me to come and know Him more
Here in this fallen, dirty, broken world I get so overwhelmed by the needs that I can't even bring myself to pray for them -- its too much! 
I doubt so easily when I lose sight of the fact that my Lord saved ME, so He's totally able to save YOU! 
I face weakness (He's waiting to be my strength, He upholds me no matter how hard I lean), 
I face brokenness (He's working it all together for my good), 
I face hurting (He heals, makes things NEW), 
I face sadness (He's offering to carry all my burdens, all my cares, welcoming me to cast them all upon Him because He cares for me), 
I face fear (He stays the same through the ages: He never leaves me, He never fails me, He always loves me unconditionally, He has new mercy for me every single day without fail, He is faithful forever to them that love Him and walk in His ways). 
I see unholiness within and I know He has called me to be holy. I hide in shame from Him, not feeling worthy to draw near to Him in my unholy state. Then the devil comes in, he beats me with lies, ties me to the ground with condemnation and I feel hopeless. 
But still my Jesus calls for me to come away and I wonder, "Doesn't He know that I cant be near Him in this unholy state?" 
Then the truth comes flooding in: The fact that I recognize my lack, my need, is the proof that He is at work within me.. the proof that every day He's making me more holy, weeding out more deep-rooted ways of the flesh, disciplining in love, pruning back even the fruit-producing areas of my life in order that they might produce not just some but MUCH fruit. 
Upward I look and see Him there, who made an end of all my sin. 
As He loosens the cords that bind and heals the open wounds, that still sting from where the lies cut in, He says, 
"Beloved, I came from heaven to earth, from life to death and back again to draw you near to Me, do you think that anything can separate us? Nothing -- in the world or in your redeemed life -- can pluck you from my hand. I will not relent, will not stop pursuing you until I have totally and completely and utterly stolen your heart. No matter where you go, I will be there. Do not be afraid. I have not left you fatherless, I have come for you. You are mine." 
And, not because I doubt His words but because I must have full assurance in order for my doubts to be driven away, I ask, "Even if..." 
"Even if," He cuts me off, knowing all the 'ifs' I could set before Him before I even begin, "My love never fails. Always (forever, unfailingly, ever) remember that." <3

The same yesterday, today and forever. 
This is my God: constant.

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