Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pulling Weeds

[ One Week Ago... ]

I've discovered that I need a little weed-pulling in my life. I love living in the country but so often I love it from inside our house. I justify this choice by saying there is so much to do inside, its more comfortable, etc. But it is spring, we have flower beds and they are filling up with weeds. So after a brief walk with one of the dogs I settled down near a corner of a flower bed and started to pull up one weed at a time.

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After awhile I found that the garden was starting to "reappear", my soul was quieted, the birds were starting to think of me as part of the landscape and so were out about their business without fear, and the more I pulled, the dirtier my hands got, the more I found myself to be at the feet of Jesus. There I gained perspective, peace, joy, challenge, pain, strength, and refreshment.

Source: Pinterest

There isn't anything special about pulling weeds. Today that is where I met with the good King, it's where He gave me peace in place of questions and joy in place of a discontent and downcast spirit.

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  1. "I met with the Good King..." yes... yes... yes... I meet Him here, today, now.

    Thank you Chels. :)