Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Find Joy >> right here

Finding joy, right here, right after we said "See ya later!" and took opposite exits on the highway. Right here, when the sweetness of a week visit and getting to do life in person, after doing life long distance for six months, is done. Here, where memories we made are fresh and it's easy to get lost in them and homesick for you rather than being present in the wonder of this moment and the dear people currently in front of me. 

I want to learn to live celebrating! Because, while every day is like a holiday when I'm with you, days like this are part of the crazy story the Lord is writing too and they're rich + important + good. And so I can find joy in missing your presence + voice and I can find joy in how drinking coffee in the morning makes me think of the way you always made me a cup. I can find joy in returning to our old texting habits and I can find joy in the anticipation of what you plan for our next visit. 

Those seven days of waiting for you to get done with work, running errands together and spending time with your mom... watching movies, singing in the car and eating ice cream... I was so present in all of that, I didn't want to miss a moment of it's sweet normalcy. Now, over here in a household of ten there is never a dull moment. We're all doing our own thing altogether, keeping each other laughing and helping out wherever it's needed. It's missing your wit + humor, depth + gentleness but there is so much joy in all of it still. 

I'm in limbo for a day more before I move into my New Jersey home and figure out what this new life 2 1/2hrs from you looks like. Lots of unknowns ahead... And I am crazy excited about it all!! 
There is way too much adventure right here to miss! 

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