Sunday, March 9, 2014

Doors Close // week 8

I came back late one night, around 11pm, and winced as I opened the garage door knowing that the Mathai's room is right above the garage and I didn't want to disturb their sleep. Texting Suja earlier I had said I would be back later than 10pm and sincerely hoped the garage door didn't wake them. She emailed me a response the next day asking that I be back in the house each evening by 9pm or else find another place to live. Quite an unexpected and unfortunate dilema since I now had to regular evening events I was plugged into for community but both ended around 9:30 and were about 30min away from home. Communicating to Suja that I'd be leaving my groups early to respect the request that I be back in the house by 9pm I also asked how I could best avoid disturbing their sleep on occasional weekends when it couldn't be helped that travels would get me back later than that. She and her husband talked about this and when they got back to me they said they thought it would be best for them and their family if I found another place to live for the remainder of my time in Jersey. That's all. Surprised and confused I told them that prayerfully I would have another place lined up by the end of March. They said not to feel rushed.

I brought the news to my small group and they leapt to defend my cause immediately not only starting group early enough that I wouldn't have to miss anything but also assuring me that they could find someone in the church (PCC) that would be willing to host me or rent to me for four months. Have I mentioned how incredibly blessed and encouraged by these believers I am? If you ever find yourself alone and friendless in central New Jersey reach out to the "Nomads" of Princeton Community Church. They're legit!

One week later and no news on a place to live. I'm not sure how things will pan out in the coming weeks. I'm getting a picture of what a generous heart looks like though compared to a generous action. I want to be a person of a generous heart, quick to sacrifice whatever is needed in order to meet a known need and thereby love another person well.

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  1. Oof. That's hard, Chels! I'm praying that the Lord leads you to a new place to live for now, and I KNOW He'll provide for you.