Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Does not disappoint //

I have this Hope, in and out of season, that does not disappoint.
The season of international short-term missions, the season of home-schooling teenage siblings, the season of a serving as a church youth leader, the season of long-distance relationship, the season of independent move across country, the season of heartbreak and the season of healing.

Guys, seriously, this is so good! Because He does not disappoint. You have to understand, I was always the person afraid of change, who got bent out of shape when things that weren't expected happened, who felt incredibly vulnerable without being properly prepared for what was coming. But even the best laid plans can change. Security and hope that are found in plans, and other fleeting things we put our trust in, disappoint. The Spirit of God never leaves, He never changes, He enables me to walk uprightly in every situation, He is my strength and song in every circumstance, He is all I need -- and He never fails.

So whether your sacrifice is seemingly going unnoticed, life throws a curveball and it hurts you, or you're stepping out in faith into potential risk, all else may fail but He remains. He is the sustaining power behind your sacrifice and He sees what is done in secret. He is acquainted with grief and He picks up our mourning and, out of His uncontainable goodness, exchanges it for the oil of gladness. He honors faith and favors it with fruit all the while providing the lasting blessing of Himself through abiding in the midst of the process. I don't know what tomorrow brings, I just know (intimately) the One who does. This life is full of glorious joy and breathtaking tragedy, there is much to steward, but He is all I need. I just want more of Him. "When oceans rise my soul will rest in [His] embrace, for I am [His] and [He] is mine."

|| ...I found Him whom my soul loves. I held Him and would not let Him go...

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