Wednesday, February 3, 2016

a new season of "What I Wore" // pt 2

"the Look"
Its seems a little silly I suppose for me to be making this wardrobe list in the dead of Midwest winter when Im dreaming of summertime... everything on here looks pretty summery I realize... but actually being in the reality of the cold right now helped balance this list out. With the options for pairing here, I should comfortably cover every season's needs -- here in the Midwest or in warmer climates (where I am heading in the future).

A breakdown: There is a plethora of neutral crop tops -- both tank and tee, fitted and flowy -- to choose from as basic pieces. I will also have a few tees that are long and loose and neutral colored, for the winter days when none of my abdomen will want to be exposed in the least. These will all pair great with any of the shorts (various patterns and textures), maxi skirts (neutral, color, or print, in various fits), or pants (boyfriend jeans, dark wash skinnies). For chilly days just layer on a sweater and swap sandals for boots instead. Even the shorts can transition into cool weather. I put a pair of leggings or tights on under them and boots with socks and we're set. I actually just did that last week and the temp was in the low 20's. The slip dresses and shirt dresses are great as-is for summer and can be transitioned to cool weather in the same general way as the shorts -- add a sweater and some tights and boots. Ive also added a pair of black pointy-toe heels -- because I adore them -- as well as a minimalist grey wool overcoat for winter (when Im not wearing my down jacket with the fur-lined hood, not pictured). A nice selection of neutral colored sandals and boots, all going for a boho chic look, should cover all occasions that will arise for me. Bralettes galore, as they are my simple pleasure, will work well with all the options for outfits. As for accessories, my list is minimal. A sun hat and beanie, as well as a headband or two. Ive also arranged a selection of bags for my travel-happy self: a weekend trip duffel, a market bag, a nice leather backpack/satchel, and a simple shoulder bag (to double as my pop of color in most of the outfits). Add one trusty pair of shades, and the look is complete.
I know myself too well not to make an exception to this overall look by adding the aside that I will certainly have lounge wear (read: sweats) to cozy up in at home. I just want to hold myself to more of an actually-dressed image, even as a nanny in the dead of winter, and these looks really are just as comfortable and easy to achieve as throwing on a pair of sweats is.

A note on pattern: Im really loving the bold and classy large floral print lately. Also the tribal designs. And a classic horizontal stripe, as seen on one of the shirt dresses. Pattern on pattern should be done sparingly, and if at all it should be done tastefully. I wouldnt put any of the patterned sweaters on with the floral maxi skirts or floral shorts.

In regards to wanting to be able to travel light... I could pack five tops, three skirts, two sweaters, two pairs of shorts, a dress, a pair of pants, tights, three pairs of shoes and a hat easily in a carry-on bag. If I launch into a lifestyle of truly trotting the globe and not having a home base, I could cut back to just that many items to my name. There would still be a load of options for creating outfits in all seasons and climates.

If you'd like more visuals of how these outfits could look put together check out this board of mine on Pinterest. 

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