Friday, February 19, 2016

a new season of "What I Wore" // pt 3

Here we go. Diving into some mighty deep waters. This is the post on sources for ethical fashion.

A quick reminder that when I say ethical fashion I mean, ideally: 1) the sources of the fabrics and dyes and what-have-you are purchased from suppliers fairly and 2) the people employed to create and produce the pieces of clothing are paid and treated fairly. 

This isnt just about not shopping at stores that are big name brands, supplied by sweatshops overseas, made of cheap products. Ultimately this whole shift is about changing the way you shop, not just the where. This infographic provides a nifty visual:

I enjoy shopping second hand for gently-used gems. This is the thing though, for me, I still look for brand names I know and "trust" like H&M, Old Navy, or Forever 21 when Im sifting through the racks, and while purchasing these second-hand means you arent supporting the businesses with your cash, ultimately youre still supporting the brands by wearing them. You know? I would rather go at this thing radically than half-way. The whole point is to use your purchasing power to stand for the worth of the people every step of the way. This is going to expose some shadowy places. We want to do it with bright light! So here is where I am at with this... 
Second-Hand: Absolutely go for it, as long as you read the label and know for sure that the brand champions human worth at every step of the way. 
New: Buy it ethically-sourced or not at all. Sure, to buy something not ethically-sourced as a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, or "to last", means youre not dumping money over and over into the compromising companies, but lets not even do it once. 


Ive been doing just a bit of research. Its overwhelming to tell you the truth, but in a good way. There is more consciousness and therefore more real options for ethical purchasing than I imagined. For my own journey Im going to focus on finding brands that are ALL about valuing human life and supporting communities (ex. when buying a pair of shoes I dont want to settle for them simply being vegan and eco-friendly, I want them to be made with products produced by diligent suppliers, stitched together by skillful craftsmen, giving another pair to someone who needs shoes with every purchase). It will narrow the options down a bit and I am thankful for that. Enjoy uncovering all the gems out there that are about what you love to support with your purchasing power, in the styles that youre all about. Its fun!

Taking another look at my vision board, there are some obvious categories of items to find brands to supply: accessories, undergarments, basics, knit-wear, denim, shoes, bags, etc. Here are some goodies Ive discovered for sources. >> Note: When my wardrobe has made its complete transformation I'll be sure to share all the items and their source details. 

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