Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stitch Fix >> year one

2015 >> year one of Stitch Fix

Fix #1

The 5 Pieces: Red blouse, blue sweater, green jacket, black and white dress, dark wash skinny jeans.
KEPT: The jacket and the dress >> These two pieces continue to be staples in my wardrobe and are worn a lot. The jacket is light enough to be worn in the summer but sturdy enough to be a practical layer in cooler weather. The dress is one I reach for when I want to be as comfortable dressed as I am in my sweats but want to look classier than I do in sweats. You know?
note to self: need more distance from mirror for a true full-body shot.

Fix #2

The 5 Pieces: Blue top, short sleeve blouse, black and white sweater, taupe scarf, and a blue sweater.
KEPT: The top pictured >> I love this top. It is super soft and falls in a very flattering way. It can be dressed up or down but more often than not I just pack it as a touch of class to break up my flowy-tee habits when I travel.
note to self: just because you dont like the other items in the "fix", and feel unattractive in them, doesnt mean dont photograph them.

Fix #3

The 5 Pieces: Multi-colored top, lace sweatshirt, purple blouse, blue corduroy skinnies, and a gold bangle.
KEPT: The cords >> Im not very adventurous when it comes to pants but these were a great investment. Ive used them for evening parties in the winter two years in a row now. My size has fluctuated a bit so they look more like a straight leg than a skinny this year but that's ok.
note to self: no ponytail. and work on consistent photo angle.

Fix #4

The 5 Pieces: Green top, elbow-patch sweater, plaid blouse, aztec patterned scarf, and black skinny jeans.
KEPT: The elbow-patch sweater >> I drooled over the sweater as soon as I unwrapped it in this "fix" and I continue to every time I pull it out of my closet. Its super soft, its cozy, and its so dang cute. 
note to self: wearing heels for the photos is a win.

Fix #5

The 5 Pieces: Floral tank, black and white maxi dress, white sweater, striped tank, and blue purse.
KEPT: The purse >> I had a black purse and a camel colored one in this style but they were retired shortly after purchasing this one. Its been my statement piece and I get compliments on it everywhere I go.
note to self: it can be good to experiment with new camera angles.

Fix #6

The 5 Pieces: Striped sweater, light green blouse, blue maxi dress, crocheted sweater, and leather bag.
KEPT: None of the above because of budget that month >> This broke my heart because I adored the maxi dress and I was in love with that purse. Oh my gosh. I mean really.
note to self: when you know your budget is tight, push your "fix" out a month or two.

Fix #7

The 5 Pieces: Fringe purse, wrap dress, black and white tank, striped sweater tank, and dark wash capri pant.
KEPT: The wrap dress >> Another amazing piece that gets a lot of use. Its very form-flattering and incredibly comfortable. I dress it down sometimes by putting a nice over-sized sweater over the top so it looks more like a pencil skirt.
note to self: dont skimp on photos -- these are literally the only ones from this "fix".

Fix #8

The 5 Pieces: Denim jacket, patterned tank, red skinny jean, beaded cuff bracelet, and red knit dress.
KEPT: The dress >> I'm a sucker for a cute dress. I know this about myself so I try and limit myself. However, this one just brought the little-girl up inside of me. It fit so perfectly. The color was marvelous with my skin tone. The crocheted back made it special. I get a lot of use out of this piece as well as my other Stitch Fix purchases.
note to self: dont settle for iPhone photos when your camera is four steps away.

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