Monday, January 11, 2016

To my future children,

my black, white, brown, red, yellow, adopted, fostered or biological precious ones.

There is so much to teach you about the world around you -- things you'll see plain as day and things you wont. Especially when it comes to meeting and interacting with new people. As a parent I'll want you to be kind and cautious, just like my parents wanted me to be. But babies, you're not going to learn to associate caution with certain skin pigments. Race is a topic both deep and wide but its not one to be afraid of or avoid. Humans don't all look the same but we don't fear people because of their appearance. Differing races sometimes hurt each other because of the fear that ignorance produces. We are going to be braver than that. I want you to have the strength that shows itself through kindness to others. I want you to have the courage to stand for truth, and that will mean being willing to listen as well as to ask questions. We want to love our neighbors. I want to teach you how by example. When you have the wisdom to judge character and to discern what circumstances and surroundings need caution then I'm sure you'll teach me by example too, because I know I'm still learning. Its something we can grow in together all our lives. We can encourage others to do the same, because your friends and family and cashiers, etc. will have things to say about race. Media, society, and history have a lot to say about it. We can listen to those voices but they're not ultimately the ones that matter. Jesus' voice is the one that matters -- the one that speaks truth, the one that's set on loving. I'll teach you how to listen to that voice, darlings. We'll grow in that together, too, all our lives. It's marvelous.

Life is for learning, living, and loving well. Cant wait to share it with you all!

your [white] momma

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