Monday, April 25, 2016

Camera Bag //

As Luke and I begin our united life and invest in things that we need for it we are committed to not supporting sweatshops or slave-labor. We've been carrying our laptop, iPad, camera, and notebooks in a backpack but as the camera is just loose in there the lens cap keeps getting knocked off. Im looking for a something that could work as a camera bag. Here is what Im considering presently:
1. Tadesse Bucket Bag >> fashionABLE   2. Chambray Trekker Backpack >> TOMS 
3. Andean Bag >> Noonday Collection   4. Yami Backpack >> Raven & Lily

The bucket bag and leather backpack are handcrafted by fairly paid women in Ethiopia from locally sourced leather. The TOMS backpack provides care for a pregnant mother and baby in a developing country. You can read about TOMS production standards here. Honestly employed women in Peru embroidered the red and white fabric of the Andean bag.

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