Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mid Air >> recording "Never Far"

Luke has been playing and singing since he was a boy. He's written books of songs over the years and he has really found his voice in singing. We took a few big risks early on in our budding relationship. On his part, he sent me a song that he had written, hoping that it at least edified me, if not that I would like it. I was moved by it and ended up recording a voice memo of me harmonizing over the top of the video he'd sent me of the song. Sending it to him, hoping he'd be blessed by it, he received it and listened on his way to church with his team in the Czech Republic. Moved to tears to be actually hearing recorded harmonies, that up til then he had only imagined over his songs, that was the moment that he knew with us that there would be no turning back -- he was all-in. It wasnt long after that that he told me over video chat that he was going to move to Milwaukee when he graduated his Discipleship Training School. Days later we picked a wedding date.

Before all of this unfolded, he had played two of his songs for a group of friends (I was in the mix) on Christmas Eve. It was my first introduction to the fact that he was even musical, let alone gifted. That night he had laid his heart out for me and Id rejected him. A week later I ended up encouraging him to record his music. A day or two after we started to talk about his trip overseas with YWAM and the rest is history. In the midst of all that whimsical real life of him coming home, graduating, proposing, and us getting married, we got to work putting together an album. The final day of our honeymoon was spent in an all-day recording session together with our friend David Wiesjahn. Just a little glimpse of the season of life ahead of us, only a taste of some of Luke's (and my) lifelong dreams coming to pass. #dontdespisesmallbeginnings #celebrateitall #HeisFaithful

Look for "Never Far" to be released in the coming months.

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  1. Chels,
    I am so touched by this blog.You always write in a way that creates a vivid picture as if I am there. The Lord truly did move the WHOLE way through your relationship. I love it. I am so happy for you girl and look forward to listening to the music y'all make. Love you girl and send abundant blessings! <3