Monday, July 4, 2016

the Comforter //

About a week ago Luke had been having interviews for jobs in Pepin, WI that we thought were slam-dunks. He was turned down for them though. At the same time our friend John who is one of the leaders in Godtown -- where we envisioned we'd be moving -- called to connect us with another man who is on mission in another area, the other side of the Cities. Luke got in touch with him and by the end of the call we had an appointment to tour a house the following day. All the details of the unfolding this past week -- touring, meeting, discerning, seeking, and following -- aside, we are moving there. So, after a month of waiting, resting, transition, and trial, a door is flung open and we're going through. Luke has an interview for a job in the Cities tomorrow morning. Trusting for favor there too.

The man we had connected with is named Paul. Luke and I helped lead worship at his beautiful house church yesterday morning. They keep a list of needs of the Body running so we can very practically meet each other's needs. I've had a heart desire for bikes for us. Luke's birthday is in a few days and if we had money Id buy him one so he could get to and from places conveniently. As the list came to our hands I whispered to Luke to put two bikes on it. After the service a gentleman came to us and asked if we were the ones who'd asked for bikes. We said we were. He asked Luke which of two different kinds of bikes he'd prefer, that he was going to give him one of his. Then he looked at me and said, "We'll talk. It's really important for a bike to fit well so we will buy you one." #Jesuslovesme #thisistheBody

I havent been very comfortable with our circumstances, even with this move, but I so trust my husband. I love him. Its marvelous to follow his lead into great challenges. We will be doing that all our lives. Because of Holy Spirit in me, Im resting fully even in the midst of discomfort. Do you know that He is called our Comforter? Why would we need a comforter unless we were going to experience discomfort? The hope of glory, in fact, is Christ (Holy Spirit) in me, because life is full of trouble and trial. Christians get to face them, like everyone else, with a great purpose -- the world gets to watch us go through the same things they do but with joy, peace, love, patience, power, favor, signs and wonders. And that's where glory comes in. Jesus on display. Papa God's love on display. We dont have to seek out discomfort like people seek out a thrill. We just get to choose the challenge over the comfort, get to choose the risk in faith, and keep following where Jesus is going -- into places others dont desire to go -- that the light we live in might be seen and felt and known by others.

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