Friday, June 24, 2016

Never Far || an album

credit: Ryan Lucas

Good morning from the little lake town of Pepin, WI. Yesterday Luke and I had a grand old time releasing our first album, 'Never Far', on Bandcamp and debuting it to two of our biggest supporters: the friends who hosted us for three weeks while we were in Eau Claire, WI this month. And now, we get to share it here with you!

It's been a long time coming -- they say the first album takes the longest because its from birth til release day that youre working on it. Luke has been writing songs for over ten years. I first heard him sing on Christmas Eve of 2015. Whether youve known him since he was writing songs about grilled cheese sandwiches, you played in a band with him, or have only known him since we've been married, Im sure youve heard and been blessed by his music. Its such a beautiful purpose on his life. Im really happy to get to support him in it and work (read: sing) alongside him. He took a risk in sending me a private youtube video of a new song while he was overseas with YWAM this year. I responded in kind, compelled to record a voice memo of harmonies for it -- something Id never done before in my life, nor did I know Luke enough to know how he'd receive it. I didnt know then but that sealed the deal in his heart that I was who he would run with for his life. Now here we are, the first of many albums to come from Mid Air. He has lots of experience with performing and I have practically none. He had recorded before when he was at school at McNally Smith in the Cities, I'd sung into a mic maybe five times in my life. This really is just the beginning.

credit: Ryan Lucas

There is something truly special about these songs. It goes beyond the craftsmanship of Luke's lyrics or my harmonies or our friend David's masterful production skills. A friend said it best when they called it "anointed". And that's all we want: Holy Spirit to flood the atmosphere and awaken dead hearts, open deaf ears. A name, fame, fortune -- they may come, and, praise God, His grace is enough for us to steward those gifts really well -- but they wont last. Lives changed, and His kingdom come, will.


For those of you curious about a life update: We have recently moved into an apartment in Pepin. A mid-course correction on our way to the Cities, it looks like we will be here for the summer. Living by the lake, probably walking to work (Luke has had a few interviews), using wifi outside of the awesome 404 Coffee shop by the marina, and driving the river road to the Twin Cities now and then. Caught in the flow of Holy Spirit's perfect timing is a marvelous way to live. We're enjoying it all. You never know where we will be tomorrow. With the album officially out we will be playing house-shows, coffee shops, bars, and other venues. For updates follow us on Facebook and Instagram >> Luke @lukeborek + Chelsea @chelsea_pea or Mid Air @midairband

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