Friday, June 17, 2016

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Its been a season of transition essentially all year. Most memorable, of course, was becoming engaged to and marrying Luke Osicka. If youre reading this from Milwaukee theres a good chance that you were one of many beloved people that practically supported us with our wedding in Pere Marquette Park as well as in May as we moved out of our duplex unit in Shorewood. I had leased the space a year before and as our time came to a close we sought the Lord on whether to stay in Milwaukee or move somewhere else. We felt led to New York City for awhile and went that way for weeks before the Lord clearly redirected us to Minneapolis, MN -- mainly to serve our friend Blake in his business endeavors with kombucha.

What started as simply downsizing our wardrobes soon became selling all of our furniture. Once we had gone to that point it was a no-brainer to cut back on many possessions. We had a fun garage sale, nothing priced, all by donation, with everything we were presently willing to part with. On the final day we ended up giving away a huge load of things which was a great blessing to us and the recipient.

My Dad had come to town for an event and drove a pickup so he could take a load of boxes and our mattress to Eau Claire (where my family lives, less than two hours from the Twin Cities) for us. With one car load of items that had been bought from our sale online, stored in a friends basement for the next time we could come to retrieve it, we loaded up our car with our remaining clothes, our bedding, a guitar, fitting Barley in the trunk space. We drove to Eau Claire and dropped Barley off at my Mom's, where he has been living for the time being. Its the most stable living condition for him while Luke and I work and travel back and forth from the Cities keeping traction there. We have lived in our friends, James and Kelsey's, guest room most of the time since we arrived on May 31st, with occasional overnights at my Mom's. While here we have worked for my Dad's real estate company. Luke and my youngest brother Aidan have done a ton of manual labor together. That's been a treat.

It's been an adventure. Ive moved many, many times in my young life but never have I moved out of a place not knowing where we'd move to. To be somewhat homeless, a gypsy of sorts, has been a great experience -- one I believe that Luke and I will have many more times in our traveling missionary life -- more humbling than I imagined it would be. Its like camping, but indoors. We arent making much money, we still have bills and student loans and daily expenses. We're often fed by family or friends, which is a huge gift not taken lightly. Regardless of our financial circumstances, we are giving away resources as we see anyone (friends, family, the Church) in need. Especially homeless people. Doesnt matter how much or little we have, we give. That's what love does. Just a really fun part of living by faith.

Our first music album has been underway since our honeymoon. We recently finished our final recording session with our friend David. He's mixing and mastering and as soon as we have the final tracks we will have be releasing the first of many officially recorded albums by Mid Air. Super exciting!

We have been in the Cities for that but we have also reconnected and fellowshipped with several dear friends during our visits. We would have been more than happy to move right to the Cities with a mere pitstop at most in Eau Claire but housing hasnt come together just yet and we've been trusting the Lord's divine timing on that and what employment should look like for us in this time of our lives. Knowing that we are living as missionaries everywhere we go we chose to pursue living in an area of St Paul called Frogtown. There is a community of urban missionaries living all over throughout that neighborhood and theyre calling it Godtown. Meeting with the leaders of the outreach/training center we all realized what a great fit it would be for us to live there and minister with them. Our friend John has been seeking out an ideal housing situation for us since.

We know there are many people, locally in the Midwest, as well as around the globe, that love us dearly and would do anything to help us as we go where we are called and spread Hope like wildfire. You guys are key pieces of our life. Every time you pray for intimacy with Christ to be dearer, our marriage to be united, our minds to be renewed, our lives to be laid down, and any obstacles removed, youre literally partnering with heaven in championing the call on our lives. As far as practical needs, there are many and varied sorts. If youre compelled to bless us by contributing to these needs in any way, let us know. We'd be happy to talk about how the Lord would have us partner. He's excellent at those connections and directions.

Thanks for following along with our journey, friends! Its a whirlwind and marvelously challenging. We're abundantly blessed. P.S. Luke writes a fantastic newsletter each month. If youd like to subscribe to it send him a quick email:

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