Thursday, November 3, 2011

Be Aware: Statistics are not as daunting as they appear

New York City Population is 8,008,278

"UNICEF estimates that one in ten Ethiopian children, about 4.6 million, are orphans."  Okay, so picture half the population of New York City as orphans. A little overwhelming, but it seems like we could pull together and help all of them, after all there would be one person for every orphan.

Now try this one on for size: "there are currently an estimated 35 million orphans and 40 million street children in India." So, multiply the entire population of New York City by about nine and you have the number of orphaned or vulnerable children in India alone. 

That is a little more overwhelming... and what about the 50million orphans in China?

307,006,550. The estimated population of America, 76% of which identify themselves as Christians, mostly within Protestant and Catholic denominations. 230,254,913 people in our country alone that claim to know the Lord. 

   75million India
   50million China
   4.5million Ethiopia
   2.3million Kenya
   2million Udanga
   1million Gahna
   1million Rwanda
   36,000 Costa Rica
   150,000 ElSalvador
   180,000 Honduras
   100,000 Ukraine
   210,000 Ecuador
   490,000 Haiti
  136,966,000 orphans and vulnerable children
[Divide that total by the estimated number of Christians in the U.S. and you get 1.68]

If ALL of us just cared for ONE or TWO... that's all it would take. 
That's not so overwhelming now, is it? :)
Adopt ONE [abandoned, orphaned, alone, overlooked, unwanted] child into your prayers, into your love, into your family.

Adopt ONE poor family -- whose children will increase the orphan statistic if the parents can't find work, can't provide food, are killed or die from a preventable disease, lack of water, lack of food or AIDS -- into your prayers, into your love, into your family. 

We have Christian brothers and sisters the world over that we ought to be coming alongside of, sharing what we have in abundance to provide for their needs and vice versa. There are orphans and widows around the world whose husbands and fathers were pastors, missionaries or evangelists until they were martyred. We are the auntie's and uncle's of those children, the brothers and sisters of those men and women. 

Just start with the ONE God shows you to start with.

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