Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Set-Apart Sisters

Ervina and Claudia,

You two inspire me -- not like heroes, more like kindred spirits. You cheer me on, by example, deeper into the Lord. You bless me by being living proof that lives are still beautifully renewed and indwelt by the Spirit of the Living God. Your love for the Father is evident in the way that you love each other and the love with which you speak of your family, it is evident in the way that you choose to take the opportunities given each day to lay your lives down in your hometown, it is evident in the way that you pour into the lives of the children around you -- at home and abroad. I thank my God for you both. I pray He will work the same humility in my heart and life that I so respect in yours.

Love and blessings from a sister-in-Him (the God of Justice),

{to read the blog Ervina and Claudia kept while in Cambo click here
Its so good it could be made into a book -- no joke.}

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