Thursday, July 19, 2012

Changing the world for two

Statistics. Isn't it crazy how numbers can cause us to feel so small, so helpless, so overwhelmed?
Lives. Isn't it nuts that every single, precious, significant, beautiful life has been hand-crafted and brought into this world by the power of our loving God?
Change. Is it just me or is the fact that change is possible an incredible reality to you too?


I watch documentaries and YouTube videos, read books and blogs and websites, listen to interviews and speakers at conferences and keep getting informed, becoming aware, of the great NEED worldwide for the all-powerful, boundless love of our God.

I see those faces, I hear their voices, I know a little bit about the lives they live. All the vulnerable children in the world... A five year old girl with huge chocolate eyes in India, a little boy who loves playing soccer in Peru, an 11yr old girl in Uganda who is desperate to be loved, a 15yr old boy in foster care dealing with the bitter pain of rejection... Each one has a name and a face and a story.

Our God's ways are so beyond our own, He weaves lives together with such precision and care. The life of an Indian man named K.P. Yohannan who started a ministry to reach the people of his country and the rest of Asia with the Gospel writes a book. A girl in Wisconsin reads the book and is moved by the Lord to sponsor a child. Together with all the employees at World Vision and at Gospel for Asia, the girl from Wisconsin has changed the world for not just one but TWO of those precious [previously] vulnerable children. Oh, praise the One who sees fit to use our humble lives for His kingdom and glory!

My darling sponsored children. I am so in love!

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one." 
|| Mother Teresa

(Buy the print of this quote by Mother Teresa and help enable me to go and show Jesus love to the least in India this November!)

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