Thursday, July 12, 2012

Food at Work

It is one of those challenges to eat healthy: 
food at work.

On my lunch break I didn't feel like eating at a restaurant so I went to Target and bought some healthy food options that I could keep at the office. 

*Naked "green machine" Juice | It is loaded with nutritious veggies and other foods that you may not eat regularly but are very beneficial and I find quite delicious in this juice (in spite of the alarming green color)!
*Horizon Organic 1% milk boxes | Milk is a decent source of protein and its tasty!
*PureLeaf sweetened tea | The only bottled tea that I have found which is made of only fresh brewed tea and natural sweetener. I love it!

*Organic Bananas | No-mess to eat and good for you!
*Cherries | No-mess to eat, tasty and an excellent fruit to eat if you need to eat food with a low glycemic index!

Cold snacks:
*Go-Go SqueeZ apple sauce | No-mess to eat (you suck it through a sort of straw) and its all natural!
*BabyBell mini cheeses | Cheese is a good source of protein and these littles cheeses are so cute and delicious!
*Noosa yoghurt | Organic yogurt with fruit (I chose Strawberry and Rhubarb) or honey added in. Delicious and nutritious!

Deli Meals:
*Turkey, cheese, mayo, tomato and lettuce in a spinach wrap | Fresh and filling!
*Strawberry, blueberry and goat cheese salad | Fresh and filling!

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