Saturday, July 7, 2012

What I Wore || Breath of Fresh Air

It has been a long, hot week. 
High humidity, full sun and 100degree weather made it far too uncomfortable to be outside. The days that I worked this week I didn't manage to take photos of my outfits and the days that I didn't work I stayed in my cotton pjs just to keep cool (we don't have AC).

The winds have changed though and overnight it went from 99degrees to 64degre. 
I am celebrating by wearing jeans. 
It's overcast today, feels like it will rain, and there is a wonderful breeze that reminds me of the earth warming up in the spring, chasing the winter cold away; its a mere whisper of the brisk autumn winds that call forth the color in the trees and send all the critters into hibernation.

Summer is far from over and we will have more hot, humid days. 
Today is just a breath of fresh air.

Top | TJMaxx
Jeans | Target

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