Monday, November 19, 2012

World Toilet Day // Being real...

  I don't really get into all the ridiculous "days" that people have created. I stick to the real holidays, you know, the ones on the calendar. I have made a few exceptions though... Orphan Sunday, the day of prayer for the persecuted church, and, now, World Toilet Day. As you may have seen in a previous 30 Days of Thanksgiving recap post, I do not take our American bathrooms for granted.
  It may seem silly but bathrooms are a big deal to me. One of the reasons I find camping so unappealing is the possibility of not having a proper place to relieve myself. Providing me with a bathroom when I need one is one of the ways that I know you love me. Sounds ridiculous but those are the facts. If you want me to question how much you care for me just disregard the "little" detail of a proper restroom.
  I am headed to India for two weeks and when I asked my trip leader to tell me what to expect for bathrooms I braced myself for the very worst. A hole in the ground. That is the reality that I am facing. While I am counting my blessings I can honestly say that I am glad there will be a hole, that I won't be expected to just go on the ground, but I am crossing my fingers for privacy (and I am praying for a seat of some sort). When I was in France early this year the public restrooms were similar to our American ones except that there were no seats on the toilets and there wasn't water in the bowl. Just those two differences make the smell worse in the bathroom so imagine not having a bowl to contain the waste and no water to carry it away. 
  Sometimes statistics can go over our head but this fact stopped me in my tracks: 2.6 Billion -- the same as the population of America 8x!! -- do not have anything more than a hole in the ground.

  I got a bunch of Christmas gift catalogs in the mail this past week. I love looking through them and dreaming of blessing people in need with bountiful generosity! In spite of all the needs that there are in the world and all the ways that you can give and help and bring relief we are most moved to give things that we relate to, aren't we? Well I am moved to provide bathrooms for the 2.6Billion that lack one. I know that if I was called to live overseas and there was not a bathroom available in the community I was serving and I told my family and friends that we could build one with just $50 I would have a bathroom in no time! As far as I am concerned the people in need around the world are worth investing in as much, if not more, than anyone I know who goes overseas! 
  This Christmas I will be giving money toward building latrines in Rwanda through Blood:Water Mission and in India through Gospel for Asia and I would like you to consider how thankful you are for your running water, your soft bath rug, your private powder room, and seriously consider giving the gift of DIGNITY and HEALTH to those who lack it. Even if you cannot spare the funds lets make a difference together through our influence. Facebook it, Tweet it, blog about it, and spread the word through everyday conversations. Your influence has more impact than you know. Let's put it to work. :)

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