Saturday, June 7, 2014

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MyNextHome has been building a home featured this year on the Parade of Homes. I've been photographing the progress for several weeks now. Photography isn't my only creative bent though. Yesterday Mom and I left the house at 7am and we got home at 2am today. This is what we were doing...

Staging a home is a huge project. Especially when construction is still being completed and the cleaning crew from CleanWorks is working around them and you're shlepping dozens of boxes of the home owners belongings down into storage, moving furniture, making beds, stylizing shelves. My photography of the home building progress hasn't meant to just show wide angles of the rooms but to tell the story of the process of building a Parade Home. One part of that process is the late, late night push to wrap everything up before the opening morning of the parade. Utterly exhausting but all part of the fun of creating.

Helps to have such a fantastic group of people from the MyNextHome crew rotating through over the course of the day and burning the midnight oil with you. The remaining crew at 1:15am when we called it a night. Just a handful of so many who've poured their time and energy and mad skills into this house.

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