Friday, June 13, 2014

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You don't find your dream job, but if you keep journeying toward what feels closer to the right fit it seems that it finds you. After years of life experience and various jobs, life seems to edit your big picture into something practical. That's how my past four years panned out anyway. 
It just started as a passionate and knowledgable pitch to my Dad that he needed to tell the story of building a Parade Home through images. I was hired on the spot and "freshVISION freelance photography // lifestyle + location" grew out of that afternoon.

Excerpt from my FAQ page:
Freelance simply means independent and, I like to think, free-spirited. Location means ready and willing to travel. Lifestyle means un-stylized spaces, un-posed you, and your world is all the studio that we need. We want to tell it like it is because "it" is beautiful -- dirty dishes, messy hair, long shadows and all.
// a typical morning with your family at home - the process of remodeling - little details of setting and community at your celebration - behind the scenes of your band on the road //

It's the perfect job for me. Capturing details, capturing people as they live their unique lives, capturing the beauty of your space -- whatever the condition its in. Telling your story through my eyes. I get to have new adventures because no shoot is the same, make my own schedule, travel + create. Leaving a trail of beauty behind me, individual voices echoing out more sincerely and clearly... I love my job.

P.S. It's so much work! You work more hours when you're self-employed than you do at a typical full-time job, but you love it so much it doesn't matter + it molds itself to fit into your existing everyday-life moments. I'm finding that taking a shoot from creative vision to end product is 20% shooting, 80% uploading, organizing, editing, etc. Photography business is a lot more business + logistics than you'd think, but if you love your clients and you're good with details, that's part of the beauty of the process.
Note: Having an editing buddy is crucial. Mikayla and I partner up to motivate each other through the endless editing hours, to brainstorm + dream big together, swap business + branding advice, encourage each other in life and to laugh through our draining energy levels -- laugh because to work hard at what you love is the best way to end up worn out. (You may be seeing us collaborate on some shoots + projects in the very near future. Get excited!)

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