Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Be Aware: Hunger

For some time now I have had symptoms that suggest that I have Hypoglycemia. I cannot explain all the ins and outs of what this means but I can tell you what I experience: Head aches that make it hard to read, cold sweats that make me feel really sick, an upset stomach which leaves me doubled over, moments of dizziness and weakness which leave me incapable of working or walking around, I get incredibly hungry -- it seems like my stomach is a bottomless pit to be filled, and experience sudden fatigue. But as long as I eat plenty of certain, proper foods my body continues to function properly and I don't feel sick or exhausted.
See our bodies need "fuel" in order to function. Without food we cannot focus and it gets harder and harder to think, we get more tired and weak and even something as simple as standing or breathing is a labor. In order to survive we need to eat enough food and we need to eat the right food.
I am blessed to live in a place where food is available in abundance and accessible to me. My family has enough money to buy the food that I need to stay healthy and my mom has the skills to prepare it in a sanitary and delicious way. If you are from a first world country, like me, this will not shock you. We take food for granted.
I have never seen someone starve ("suffer severely from hunger"), I myself have never been hungry for a long enough period of time to actually suffer from it and I certainly have never known anyone who has literally died due to a lack of food. But TODAY, in India alone, 6,000 children that I never got a chance to meet died of starvation. And another 6,000 children will starve to death tomorrow.


We cant send them groceries, we can't give them our leftovers, we can't invite them to dinner but we can pay for their meals.
$28 a month, that is all that it costs to give a child a meal every day and so much more! Just think about that for a minute, I am part of a family of six and we spend more than $200 a month on groceries alone (so that doesn't include the money we spend on eating out) which means that we spend more than $3 per meal, per person and it costs less than $1 to feed a child one meal every day!
Through GFA's Bridge of Hope schools we can not only keep children from starving to death, we can get to know them personally! This March I am going to sponsor a child through GFA and I would like to challenge every single one of my blog readers (yes, you!) to do the same. By setting aside just one dollar every day you could save a life. So what are you waiting for? :)

When you sponsor a child I would love to hear about it! Leave a comment with your child's first name and we will celebrate together the Lord's provision for their precious little lives!

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