Monday, February 27, 2012

Next Steps - March

In less than two weeks I shall fly away to a new country and there, together with my Beloved and with a friend, I will encounter new people and eat new food and hear new languages and see new things and travel on trains and walk around beautiful cities and hike through gorgeous countrysides and do so many things for the first time. My life is full of "next steps" and in March one of them is a trip to France!


1. iPhone 4s (check! just bought it two days ago!) 2. Bakeries 3. Eiffel Tower 4. Rue Mouffetarde (Creperie) 5. Notre Dame 6. Gelato 7. Louvre 8. Arc de Triumph and Champs Elysee 9. Try a macaron for Lydia


1. Luxembourg Gardens 2. Chateaue de Versailles 3. Musee d'orsay in Paris (Impressionist Art Museum) 4. Marais Quarter 5. Saint Chapelle 6. Shakespeare and Company, Paris 7. Use my bubble umbrella 8. Travel to Matlock 9. Wear dresses and tights 10. Chatsworth House, England.


1. Tower Bridge 2. Big Ben 3. St James' Park 4. Les Miserables 5. Westminister Abbey 6. Trafalgar Square 7. Hyde Park 8. Tea, plenty of it 9. Fly home

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  1. I just got uber giddy reading your list when I realized it means I get to do all those things TOO!!!!! This is going to be a grand adventure.