Friday, February 3, 2012

This Valentine's Day...

Valentines Day is coming up! 

Looking for a unique way to celebrate?

Consider the cost of the chocolate, candies, cards, flowers, jewelry and other treats -- all tokens to express love, adoration, appreciation and show that you are treasured. Then consider your sisters in India who have no idea that they are treasured or loved and have probably never been shown appreciation by their husband or family. Would you please choose to give the love of Jesus to those women this month, even if it means not going out to eat with your man or going without the other delightful treats you are anticipating, and, instead, choose to either:
1) Give financially to the Women's ministry fund on Gospel for Asia's website, or 
Gospel for Asia

2) Purchase a Word Print from the GIVENstore here on my blog (all proceeds go toward sending me to India this October where I will personally get to administer the hope and love of our Lord to women who desperately need it!)

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