Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Real men...

Ashton has never been my favorite actor and I have never known much about Demi but they started a foundation to end human trafficking of children in the U.S. and appear to be passionate about doing so. Raising awareness is the first step toward making a change and they are using their place in the spotlight to raise awareness. I respect that. The facts: there are people that buy and sell men, women and children for their own gain (this action is known as slavery, its also called human trafficking), there are men, women and children who are vulnerable, desperate and looking for help and they are tricked into a life of slavery, and finally there are people that pay the traffickers for the opportunity to use the victims as they choose. Getting to the root of this will require expose the horrible act to the light rather than empowering it to continue, spreading awareness to open people's eyes that could potentially be victims or customers or rescuers, and changing the status quo of male mindsets and behavior in regards to how they treat women. Self-effort can only carry this cause so far because Self is good at caring about others when there is applause offered for it but is ultimately concerned about justice being had for itself rather than others.

Christians, this call wasn't put out to you by Ashton and Demi, but as your Sister in the Lord I give it to you -- slavery is at large and it is happening on our watch. Our Lord is a protector, He specializes in rescue and redemption, He is Just, He is Jealous for His own, and His plan is to go through you and me. 
Be a rescuer
Pray. Never underestimate this weapon of our warfare.
Be separate. We are going to be knee-deep in the ways of the world as rescuers but in order to rescue we must be separate from its ways, this is the difference between "in" and "of". Christian Men, you may not think the way the men of the world are raised to think, you may not look at what the men of this world take sick pleasure and find corrupted satisfaction in looking at, you may not speak of women in the disturbing ways that men of this world speak about them. You're called to be holy, pure, unspotted from the world and Jesus in you IS able to live such a life through you. Die to yourself, by doing so you will serve every member of your family, every person you call friend, and each individual you pass going through your day. Raise your sons in the ways of heaven, share the mindset of purity, teach other men how to serve and love women as Christ does the Church. Set an example of death to Self and Life in Christ. Christian Women, do not make it harder for our Brothers to live as they're called to than it already is. Support them rather than tearing them down through the way you dress, the things you say and the way you behave and move. The world's teachings and ways to gain the love an attention of a man are impure and false, don't follow them. Be set-apart, do your husband good rather then harm even before you have met him, encourage the men in your life as you see them being true men. Set an example of death to Self and Life in Christ.
Support. There are so many organizations that are in the field right. now. literally saving girls from brothels and rescuing kids from slavery. Ladies, do we really need that beautiful $30 top? What if $30 is the only thing that stands between slavery and freedom for someone? Guys, is the latest in Apple technology or a more high-quality piece of equipment for hunting necessary to your well-being? The money it costs to acquire may be critical to the well-being of another. Die to your Self, give what has been given to you by your Father to the work He is doing to set the captives free. 
Go. This may not mean making a career out of freeing slaves (though it will take dedicated lives like William Wilberforce now as well as it did in his day and age), but you could be the only person around to stop an act of injustice to a victim one day and if you do, no matter the cost to you (endangering your life, losing your job, being shot at, being beaten, being spit on, being cursed at, getting your shirt dirty or shoes wet, etc) take it. Report suspicious behavior to authorities, use your position to spread awareness, speak up when people you know want to do what you know is wrong, raise boys to have Christ-like masculinity and girls to have set-apart femininity, fight for justice through the government, through your business, through your ministry...

There is a long way to go, and it will take Jesus at work to take even one step, but there really is a simple solution: Real men don't buy girls. 
Lord Jesus, claim victory in the battlefield of modern-day slavery. Take the place that belongs to You in the lives of men and women here in America (and around the world). By Your grace (enabling power) may the men of America say, "No" to human-trafficking and cease to "buy girls". Fill us up, pour us out. Use our willing lives to gain the victory for Your glory. Raise up a generation of Mighty Men, men after Your heart. Have Your way -- in my life and all over the earth. In the mighty, mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

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