Monday, December 3, 2012

Some are celebrated, some forgotten. Why?

One of my dear friends is having a baby. I have prayed for and rejoiced over his little life since the day I heard he was conceived. Hundreds of people, family and friends, have waited expectantly for his appearance, they have been ready to rally around and support his parents and to shower him with blessings. This is how it ought to be.

Half way around the world a woman is pregnant with a sweet baby girl, perfectly formed by God's own hands and designed for great purposes. Her family and friends surround her with threats and pressure to abort the baby because it is a girl and they don't want the future burden of providing a dowry for her. No matter how much the mother wants to keep the baby, unless she leaves her family (which will make the rest of her life more miserable than if she stays), they will find a way to get her to abort the baby or they will beat her so she miscarries.

At home in the U.S. we happily buy gifts for new baby. As his community we want him to have everything that he will need, and plenty of extra things too. Toys and books and adorable outfits will fill up his nursery in no time. We will hold him very carefully and rock him gently to sleep, we will teach him to say "please" and "thank you", we will do what we can to keep him safe and out of harms way.

Over here in India children are being sold into prostitution by their own parents, kids are put to work as beggars and maimed to look more pathetic to passersby, there are children living (yes, it is their home, their nursery) in the city dump. They do not know they are loved, they do not know there is hope, they do not have anyone to raise them, they do not have their basic needs met and they certainly do not have anything extra or pretty.

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I don't know if you see something that I do not, but I just don't get why some children are celebrated and others are forgotten... why some children are prayed for and other are cursed... why some children are born into loving and safe homes and others will be sold or orphaned before they can tie their shoes (which they won't have to begin with). I am so grateful that there are people and organizations that care about reaching the forgotten, abandoned, trafficked, enslaved and orphaned children in the world. Let's stand with them.

In the near future a friend and I are throwing a baby shower for the forgotten children of the world. We are collecting donations to send to several different orphanages and ministries that are at work caring for and providing for children who have nothing and no one. We would like to invite you to attend the baby shower from right where you are! We will be registered at Target and Walmart. If you would like to shower "unwanted" children with love and blessings along with us please RSVP to Miss.Mills @ hotmail . com and we will provide you with the information you need to access the registries and the address you can send the gifts to. (As I am currently in India, and have little access to wifi, expect a delay in hearing back from me. I will be sure to respond to your email next week!)

There is no reason why we can't "expand our borders" and show our care for the orphan and street child much like we show our care for new babies in our circles in the States. Join me!

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