Monday, March 18, 2013

This is my Neighbor //

All month I have been trying to make a habit of loving the person in front of me. It has been shocking and humbling to realize how often I fail to even recognize the person in front of me because I am so caught up in myself. Loving the person in front of me is a way to practice recognizing and loving my neighbor. This past week alone some of my neighbors have been: my best friend from childhood who came to stay, my fellow leaders for the youth group mission trip, the waitress who served me at the Nucleus, a friend having a hard day, children waiting to be adopted in China (last week's Sevenly cause), a family in Colorado that I had a dream for, bloggers I read, other writers I met on Twitter, my mom's co-workers, the barista in our Target Starbucks, fellow drivers on the road, the employees at Half Moon Tea & Spice and Charlotte Ruse, and my little brother who has been trying my patience. Guess who else? You. You are my neighbors, dear readers. Let me encourage you to begin to recognize and love the people in front of you today. They're everywhere!

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  1. love this.
    this is truth.
    this is life how it's *meant* to be lived.
    thank you, sweet friend, for *perspective* + for *encouragement* + the *excitement* of looking all around, *everywhere*, for people to love + serve.
    you. live. this. commandment. well.

    1. Meggan, your encouragement and friendship blesses me! Thankful that I get to call you, neighbor. <3