Friday, March 1, 2013

Tomorrow will come... be here now

The sun rises and sets, money is made and spent. Time flies but don't focus on that. Give yourself to the fleeting moments in life. Breathe deeply the sorrows and troubles and joys and anticipations that come. Look away from this screen and look into the eyes of your loved ones, and the person behind the counter and the strangers you pass on the street. They're here, in your life, now. Practice savoring. Practice seeing. Practice being. You can keep the memories forever but you can't rewind time, so live it and replay it whenever you want and go on living and remembering and looking and seeing and loving and being. Don't be afraid to live and age and have it all end. Just be here, now. And when you find that now is the end you won't have regrets because wherever you were in your life you will know you were fully there.

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