Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Time wasted at the lake is time well spent.

Slow-paced Sunday. Sleeping in, standing in the sunshine, reading in the back seat while driving north, forgetting time as you sit on the dock at the lake. #thisissummer

It wasn't anything fancy, our day at the lake. Dad just wanted to "road trip" up to the Cabin for the afternoon/evening. Hammock time, picnic tables, sharing a beach towel with Gabi's little dog, reading "My Antonia"...

Lane playing Gameboy, Gabi drawing, Aidan exploring the beach... paddle-boats, sunglasses, feet splashing, sun-glares in the corners of my photos and reflecting on the pages of my book.

Just being content to sit, silent, in the open air. Finding joy in summer and family time. Praying that the Cabin is a place of rest and peace, joy and glory for many years to come.

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