Sunday, June 30, 2013

Friday Favorites (on Sunday!)

Because I am aware of human trafficking, of modern day slavery. I am aware that it happens in my country, not just half way around the world. I know that it happens in my own town. Coming or going from my town, about 20min in any direction, there are "adult superstores" and every time we pass I wonder what scars are left on women as a result of their products, and every time I stand for those women in prayer and I stand for the souls of those men in prayer. But tonight, my heart broke and my eyes stung afresh.

I don't think I've introduced you to Meggan Murkli yet. This petite young woman, with the most tender and strong soul, this dear heart... she is my sister and friend, my kindred spirit... and she just moved to Romania to be the Lord's hands where He needs them on behalf of abandoned babies. She lives a given life, seeks out the needy and, though she often wants to, she doesn't turn away when the Lord desires to share the anguish of His heart with her. Her love is humble and true. She writes with eloquence but her words are raw. She'd be the first to tell you that anything good in her is Jesus, that she can't do what she is doing without Jesus, and that she is satisfied deeply only by the great love of Jesus. Meg, apart from the Lord, is weak and poor in spirit, like myself. But Christ in Meg is grace extended and sweetest encouragement.

Thinking of her tonight, I clicked over to her blog and began scrolling through old posts, reading ones that caught my eye. Katya. A name. A person. A story. Not even thinking about how long it would take or what results would occur in my spirit as a result, I got lost in her story. That familiar feeling of anguish burning my heart. Haunted by the thought that I could have moved right by and not had it tattooed on my heart, but knowing without a doubt that I would always choose awareness with anguish to stale indifference. This post was a blessing to me. Meg's heart blessed me. I want to spread some love to her by sharing her post with you. This video followed her letter to Katya. Want to join the community of people lovers that Meggan is akin to? Click play.

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