Monday, June 24, 2013

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Every summer has a story.

At least once every summer we load up the pick-up, grab our pillows and sweatshirts, and go to the drive-in theater. Sometimes it is just us, sometimes we meet friends. Getting there before the sunsets is the best... catching that golden hour light, listening to the radio, watching kids throw around a football. Some people can't see the joy in sitting outside with the bugs, getting covered in dew as the night goes on, staying up late and having to drive home after... but I love it!

 The small-town feel of all those trunk doors open, people sitting and sipping cool drinks, soaking in the sunset, cuddling under blankets in the trunk. Getting to watch a movie on the biggest screen ever and, at any moment, being able to look up and see the sky brimming with stars up above it. It's true that you're damp, cold, tired, itchy from bug bites and a bit sore, but that's all part of the experience. All of those things are just reminders to me of a marvelous night.

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